Toddler Yoga and Kids Yoga

Toddler Yoga

For children from 18 months to 4 years old

Toddler Yoga is based on the wonderful practice of yoga through play and joy. Called SMART classes (Stretch, Move And Relax Together), Toddler Yoga stands out because the classes bring parents and children together in a holistic yoga experience offering a structured framework for adult exercise, while they have fun with their young. Through the courses both parents and children gain strength, flexibility and balance. They learn deep relaxation that balances the energetic activities.

Toddler Yoga enhances physical well being, and stimulates the linguistic and auditory skills of children, while enhancing the spirit and strengthening family ties. During this transitional stage during which children are beginning to gain more mobility, physical contact with their parents is often reduced. This environment full of love offers contact and support.

These solid foundations equip children to face the challenges that await them in the outside world, and allows supporting parents to reconnect with their inner child, creativity and intuition.


Classes take place in OAKA
Telephone: 6974026681(Daily from 10:00- 20:00pm)

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 Kids Yoga

For children from 4 to 7 years old

Kids’ Yoga is a fun way for children to develop important skills in a non-competitive environment.

Fun is the best education for young children, and through stories, songs, games and yoga postures they use all their senses and develop their learning potential. Children are encouraged to respect and follow their bodies and express themselves creatively within their group. At each meeting the children begin with a group activity that unites the group, then continue with poses, games, stories and finally relaxation…

During the classes there are:

  • Breathing games
  • Balance games, poses with support in pair 
  • Playgroups and poses in pairs
  • Music and song

… and much more …


Classes take place in OAKA
Telephone: 6974026681 (Daily from 10:00- 20:00pm)

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