Baby Yoga

For babies of 2 to 18 months

The experience of touch is the most generous stimulus that we can offer babies after birth. Baby Yoga involves gentle massage, customized yoga postures for flexibility and empowerment, movements that encourage growth and balance, and relaxation techniques for both the mom and the baby. All this happens in an atmosphere of joy, song, openness and sharing with respect to the limits of each baby and the awareness of each baby’s particular needs.

Moms get stronger physically by doing exercises that focus on the “closing” of their bodies after the grand opening of the birth, and they relax mentally through enjoying playful interaction with their babies. They feel more and more confident in identifying both their baby’s needs and their own.

Yoga gives babies the pleasure of physical movement and is beneficial to health. Yoga activates the organs of the body, stimulates the immune system and enhances circulation, while offering relief from colic and digestive problems. It also creates the foundation for healthy psycho-emotional development, since the qualitative interaction of the babies with their loved ones helps them feel secure and offers them the freedom to explore and become autonomous.

Baby Yoga opens hearts and allows the energy to flow and communication to develop between mother and baby.
The practice of yoga quietly and gradually leads to a healthier lifestyle by adding comfort, creativity and joy to daily interactions.


Classes take place in O.A.K.A. 
Telephone: 6974026681 (Daily from 10:00 – 20:00pm)

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