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Babyathlon is a new innovative program presented for the first time in Greece!

The purpose of the program is to help children develop their motor skills, but also to achieve small and large “feats” according to their developmental level.

It is a pedagogical approach that includes physical experiences and motor activities, various actions and multiple stimuli, achieving in this way the overall development of the children’s personality.

At Babyathlon we experientially help children to develop:

  • autonomous action that refers to physical, physical abilities and skills, handling objects and actions that require neuromuscular coordination,
  • the sense of space and time, the skill of orientation, visual-motor synchronization,
  • kinesthetic perception: knowledge of the body, balance (static and dynamic), lateral movement, bilaterality,
  • visual, tactile and auditory perception,
  • imagination and creativity. The creative, playful activities that we practice at Babyathlon are aimed at making the child active, developing
  • motor skills and improving motor performance, cultivating both fine and gross motor skills,
  • physical abilities (speed, endurance, strength, flexibility, agility,
  • motor skills (walking, running, jumping, turning, rolling, etc.),
  • rhythm
  • non-verbal communication (expressive and interpretative movement),
  • self-confidence and self-control, as well as to socialize thus enhancing their mental and emotional development,
    movements inspired by nature and animals.

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The duration of the lessons is 50 minutes and the attendance frequency is once a week. Special equipment is used in combination with lots of music and learning is done through play!!!

Infants from the age of 12 months and older, accompanied by their parents, participate in the program. The chaperone actively participates in the lesson as infants at this age tend to imitate their familiar faces.

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Children from 3 years old can participate in the program on their own. In addition to Babyathlon’s learning objectives, Kidsathlon introduces the basic principles of all sports in a playful way. Children develop muscle and motor skills in a variety of ways and acquire motor skills, acquiring fundamental motor skills as well as the basics that will help them subsequently successfully pursue any sport they choose, thus achieving their personal “feats”.

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